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​​​​​91 Bathroom TV Members is a department that manage members of 91 Bathroom TV. With becoming a member you get 10% discount, 5% cash back, not interest, and a 1-year limited warranty on 91 Bathroom TV Products and more benefits. To become a member read the 91 Bathroom TV Agreement, fill out the form and click on the link after the thank you message.



January 2014


91 Bathroom TV Forever Agreement

Terms and Conditions

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This is not yada yada yada.


All 91 Bathroom TV Members (91Members) must agree to this agreement. 91 Bathroom TV Customers and Employees are subject to the appropriate regulations regarding them in this document.


This is 91 Bathroom TV Rule.


1.      91 Bathroom TV Privacy Policy: 91 Bathroom TV does not generally give or/and sell your personal information to anyone though, we may disclose your information to 91 Bathroom TV's employees that provide technical support or other services and products for 91 Bathroom TV related to the website and store. All 91Members must stay in the country that they signed-up in unless they contact a 91 Bathroom TV Representative about the situation.


2.      91 Bathroom TV Terms of Use: 91 Bathroom TV does not allow the use of profanity of any form on our website. 91 Bathroom TV also doesn't allow the misuse of any products or/and services. If you break these rule or/and do not comply with this agreement, this might lead to a suspension of your member account, be expelled from being a member of 91 Bathroom TV, or/and legal action.


3.      91 Bathroom TV Company Overview and Standards: 91 Bathroom TV is a company that strives to entertain people with its interactive and immersive shows and movies, and provide outstanding and inexpensive products and reliable services to people who need them. The name 91 Bathroom TV is based on three words; 91, Bathroom, and TV. TV is what the original company was founded for. To reinvent and reshape the TV watching experience. To make it better and newer. 91 or the 91 freeway that runs through Los Angeles is the area where we imagined we would broadcast our media. Bathroom or the shower is where we came up with the idea for the company. Our mission is to uphold our traditional selves while embracing and moving forward in our modernism. Our motto or slogan is Traditional and Modern.


4.      91 Bathroom TV's Parents and Siblings: Hasa is the parent company of 91 Bathroom TV. 91 Bathroom TV is the parent company of Park Place. The brother company of 91 Bathroom TV is Misa Misas.


5.      91 Bathroom TV Customers: 91 Bathroom TV Customers are customers of 91 Bathroom TV. They can buy 91 Bathroom TV products, subscribe to 91 Bathroom TV services or watch 91 Bathroom TV shows and movies. When they do, they will be registered into the 91Subscription Database.


6.      91 Bathroom TV Employees: 91 Bathroom TV Employees are employees of 91 Bathroom TV. Employees can pick which currency they want their payment in 91Tickets or United States Dollars. The employees also must choose the amount money they wish to receive as pay which should cover the cost of their necessities. This will be their salary x2 every year unless their situation changes. Their salary will either be charged to their account or be given to them directly. Jobs will now be given only to 91Members who are at least 1 year in membership or have been a customer of 2 years. 91 Bathroom TV Employees can no longer work at home fully but will have to come in once a year to a 91 Bathroom TV Facility for check in and checkup. Also once a month the employee must visit or contact a 91 Bathroom TV Officer that will check up on your progress of work. Employee will now be allowed a one month vacation a year (at most 2 weeks at a time). Employees who are extremely sick will be allowed more time off. Employees will have to have a non- 91 Bathroom TV Standard Certified device or a device with the 91OS to be able to work from it. All who do this have to is sign in to a 91Member account. Employee can now work from anywhere in a 91 Bathroom TV Facility to do their job. They will also now be doing fun activities to get the employees excited and energetic as well as having fun and interesting times, days and events in the work place. 91 Bathroom TV Employees get a 20% discount, 10% cash back, not interest cost, and a 1-year limited warranty on 91 Bathroom TV products.  91 Bathroom TV Employees also get other benefits. 91 Bathroom TV Employees can work for one or more of the following 91 Bathroom TV Divisions, Departments and sects:


      1. Products
      2. Services
      3. Media
      4. 91 Bathroom TV Store
      5. 91 Bathroom TV Hardware and Software
      6. 91Devices
      7. 91OS
      8. 91Clearer
      9. 91Services
      10. TechHelp
      11. 91Member
      12. 91Network
      13. 91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies
      14. 91 Bathroom TV Media Networks
      15. 91 Bathroom TV Television Networks
      16. 91Tickets
      17. 91 Bathroom TV Jobs
      18. 91 Bathroom TV Needs Help
      19. 91 Bathroom TV Awards

7.      91 Bathroom TV Jobs: 91 Bathroom TV Jobs helps 91 Bathroom TV gets employees by hosting events for 91 Bathroom TV.  Jobs now are given only to 91Members who are at least 1 year in membership or have been a customer of 2 years. Jobs are no longer being posted on the website unless the position is needed to be filled ASAP. Positions are instead stated when asked over the phone. One must apply for a given position online even if the position was mentioned over the phone and not online. 91 Bathroom TV must contact the person within two weeks or less to give a result of the application for position (accepted or denied) and if the next stage is an interview.


8.      91 Bathroom TV Divisions and Departments: 91 Bathroom TV has three departments; Products, Services, and Media. 91 Bathroom TV Divisions fall underneath these departments and Sects fall under divisions.


9.      Products: Our Products department manages our stores, and the distribution of products. Divisions of Products include 91 Bathroom TV Stores, and 91 Bathroom TV Hardware and Software.


Services: Our Services department that handles the doing and receiving payments of Services. Divisions of Services include 91 Bathroom TV Non-Member and 91 Bathroom TV Member.


10.  91 Bathroom TV Member: 91 Bathroom TV Member is another division of Services that manages members called 91Members and subscriptions of customers called 91Subscriptions of 91 Bathroom TV.  91Members get a 10% discount, 5% cash back, not interest, and a 1-year limited warranty on 91 Bathroom TV products. 91Members also receive benefits. 91Non-Members have to pay the regular price for items. If there is a product or/and service at a discount price and you are a 91Member you receive the product with both discounts under certain circumstances and events. There are no fees to become a 91Member. 91Members will receive a receipt of their membership at the time of their registration whether online or in person. This is a certificate and proof of a 91Membership and is a substitute of a 91Card. 91Cards are issued and given out on the first Monday of the year and one month after membership registration. 91Members must have a 91 Bathroom TV issued card that states the identification of the person as a member at all times. If the card is missing or stolen please request a new card to a 91 Bathroom TV Representative. If the card is not presented when a 91 Bathroom TV Employee, Officer or Representative asks you to and you are a member and on 91 Bathroom TV Property such as facility or station you will be charged $5 to your account and charged a $1 upfront fee. 91Members and 91 Bathroom TV Employees can terminate their membership which is called "Termination of Contract." 91Members and 91 Bathroom TV Employees that would like to do this must talk to a 91 Bathroom TV Representative requesting this and pay their "End of Life" fee.  This fee will be calculated according to member services used, products bought, history as a member, time as member, date of membership. 91 Bathroom TV Employees and Members will be charged a fee at the end of their membership called "End of Life" for payment to 91 Bathroom TV regardless of circumstances except death. This is because 91 Bathroom TV is not a free company and needs money to survive, thrive and grow and 91 Bathroom TV needs money for all services such as shows, movies, phone, and discounts given to its members. This fee cannot be avoided and if not paid at most 9 years after end date of membership 91 Bathroom TV can take legal action. 91Members for the life of their membership will be able to receive 91Member Services free. 91Members will now need to sign a new 91Member Agreement every year or 2 years (unless it is a forever agreement). If you do not sign the 91 Bathroom TV Agreement within 3 months of receiving it you will be charged the 91 Bathroom TV "End for Life" Fee and be revoked of a 91Membership. 91Members who are currently in a 91 Bathroom TV Forever Agreement must stay in the agreement. They are unable to get out or cancel. But from early 2016 to mid-2016 you will be able to get out of a 91 Bathroom TV Forever Agreement. This will be possible until mid-2016 when the law is back in. This will not include an End of Life Fee. 91Members in Forever Agreements will be able to start signing a new contract in 2013. This contact is still forever and cannot be canceled; only written over by a new forever contact. Members who don't sign the new Forever Contracts will not be punished as it is a choice but will lose the ability to receive current technology or services that will only be available with a new contract. A 91Membership cannot be transferable or given out freely. Anyone who is obstructive to 91 Bathroom TV will be denied membership. 91Members must abide by regular 91 Bathroom TV Laws and Members also. A Regular 91Membership can be canceled at any time with the price of the End of Life Fee.


Media: Our Media department manages all the media created, distributed and owned by 91 Bathroom TV. Divisions of Media are Media Networks and Shows and Movies.


11.  91 Bathroom TV Media Networks: 91 Bathroom TV Media Networks is a division of our Media department that manage most of the media that 91 Bathroom TV produces such as advertisements, radio, television networks, music, apps, games, print, website, news, and sports except shows and movies.


    1. 91 Bathroom TV Television Networks: 91 Bathroom TV Television Networks is a sect of 91 Bathroom TV Media Network that manages television networks and their relative channels. 91 Bathroom TV Television Networks and Channels are 91BTV, 91BTV 2, 91BTV 3, 91BTV 4, 91 Junior, Kids, Teens, Family, Senior, Late Night, Daytime, Learning, Mathematics, History, English/Language Arts, Languages, Infrastructure, Food, Culture, Music, Health, Technology, Future, 91 Bathroom TV Shows, Movies, Kevin's Life, Kevin's Life Manga, Science, Sports and News.


  1. 91BTV: 91BTV is the main television network for 91 Bathroom TV Television networks. It broadcast 91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies, News, and Sports. The network manages the 91BTV channel on Ustream and Youtube.


12.      91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies: 91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies is another division of our Media department that produce and air 91 Bathroom TV shows and movies. 91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies are a variety of genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction, Reality, Thriller, and Western. 91 Bathroom TV Shows and Movies are Immersive: connect with the viewer on a deeper level, and show what they want to watch, Interactive: answer viewers' questions, and show what they are most interested in, Entertaining: gets the viewer to laugh, and have feelings such as anger or happiness about it.


*Contact a 91 Bathroom TV Representative to update the 91 Bathroom TV Forever Agreement if a change is needed. Updated Saturday, December 25, 2013 2:07 PM Pacific Standard Time


By filing out the form below, I agree to the terms, conditions, and regulations in this agreement and are subject to penalties if broken.                

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