Jan 12
91 Bathroom TV Auditions

​Hello people of the world and of 91 Bathroom TV. Like I've promised you in the last post 91 Bathroom TV is creating two new shows to put on our Youtube Channel. If you would like to sign-up for a number of positions we have you can just go to We would love to have you help us.

Jan 01
50 Subscribers - 91 Bathroom TV in 2015

​Hello people of the world and of 91 Bathroom TV. My name is Kevin Jackson and I'm president of 91 Bathroom TV. Thank you so much for having an amazing year with you guys. I had so much fun making every video even though some video were more difficult and tedious to make. I'm so glad and able to tell you that we have reached and suppassed the 50 subscriber mark and 20,000 views on our Youtube Channel. Our goal was to get 50 subscibers by the year end and even when making that goal I would of never knew that something like this would happen, that I could have fans of my own, that I would become famous overnight at my school for just doing vlogs, shows and music videos which I love to do. When I created 91 Bathroom TV just as a channel and network or whatever you want to call it, it original was just to create better content than what was and still is on TV today. Shows were not based or created on what people wanted to see. They were created just to make money for the greddy people that already have alot of money. Even though we do make money, that money is going into making better shows and content for you to enjoy. Things you want to be apart of, things you actually want to watch. Thats why none of us on the team get paid for being apart of the media division of our company. We originally started on Stickam then went to Livestream and Ustream when our products were live but now we are on Youtube ( because that is where all the viewers are that we want to reach. Thank you guys so much for your support because it really means alot to us. In 2015, we wwant to reach 1000 subscribers and 100,000 views and that only take alot of work but I believe we can get there together. This year we will be making more videos that related to you guys and things you guys want. TechNow News where we talk about the tech news of the week and have a disscussions and voice our opinions (Saturdays). ACVG and TechNow will talk about things you guys want including an in-depth study on older things like tricks and tips for electronics or video games. KLM and KLMFL will have more crossovers and KLM will show me going to interesting places (I hope). And at last we will be trying to create new shows for you to enjoy such as comedy and drama. Some things that have already come this year is our Support Link and our 91 Bathroom TV Commercials


on our Youtube Channel, and our Sellfy Store where you buy some of our digital products like e-books and Kevmaster's Music ( You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Flickr as 91 Bathroom TV and please subcribe to our Youtube Channel as that knowing of support will help us out. Below is our new 91BTV Intro to all of our videos to check out. Thank you again and I will see you next time on a next post.

Jan 01
Welcome to the 91 Bathroom TV Blog!

This is the official 91 Bathroom TV Blog. Here you find the recent news and events happening inside 91 Bathroom TV. 91 Bathroom TV Shows will also give their thoughts and opinions on topics here along with ours. This blog will also be updated with posts and pictures from social networks. You can also comment below.​

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