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91BTV Casting Call​


If you have ever wanted to be in a show or make one, here is your big break. 91BTV is producing two new shows to air on YouTube and we are looking for directors, writers, videographers, photographers, cinematographers, editors, actors, and actresses. Audition and see if you can the show's biggest star.


For all positions:

You must

• Be able to perform your task well

• Be able to follow all directions to the best of your ability

• Be able to come to planning, filming, and editing days on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Saturdays.

• Be Living in or Near the Inland Empire between September 2015 to April 2016


For acting roles:

You must

• Be able to memorize all lines and parts

• Be between the grades of 9-12


For all other positions:

You must

• Be between the grades of 9-12

• Be to come to additional days when needed


You will not

• Be paid to act, you are volunteering to act


You can audition online or in person. Results will be posted on our website on Saturday, August 22. All selected people will get an e-mail and an mandatory meeting date.


  1. To audition for positions online you must:

    Acting Positions: Send a copy such as video of you acting in a previous work between Wednesday, August 5, 2015 and Thursday, August 20, 2015 to Also please send us a video of you portraying a character from one of our scripts of your choosing. Only act out your desired character. Do not fill in lines for other characters. THESE SCRIPTS ARE NOT THE SCRIPTS BEING USED FOR THE SHOOTING OF THE SHOW. THEY ARE JUST SAMPLE ONES.  Go to our website at to download it. The email address you send your audition with will be the address we will be sending an e-mail to if you are selected for a part. 

    All Other Positions: Directors, Writers, Videographers, Photographers, Cinematographers, EditorsSend a copy of your previous work such as video that you helped direct, write, film, etc. to between Wednesday, August 5, 2015 and Thursday, August 20, 2015. 

    If you have any additonal questions email us at or call us at 805-229-1288.

    Acting Roles

    The Lonely One Synopsis

    "The Lonely One"  revolves around the life of a young high schooler, Justin who is new to his school. As his first day goes by he makes a friend with a pretty young lady Savannah, who he begins to fantasize over. As series goes on, in every episode Justin tries in some way or in another to get Savannah to like him and become his girlfriend.

    The Lonely One Main Character Parts and Descriptions

    1. Justin : smart, handsome, kind, helpful, male
    2. Savannah: smart, funny, beautiful, female
    3. Frank (Justin's friend): smart, funny, handsome, male
    4. Jessica : pretty, female

    Kevin's Life Synopsis

    "Kevin's Life" revolves around the life of a young African American kid in his last year of high school. He has to navigate through his school life with AP/Honor classes and extracurricular activities like clubs and sports while also managing his extreme social life with his friends.


    Kevin's Life Character Parts and Descriptions

    1. Abby: intelligent, pretty, good-looking, clever, overachiever, often bossy, protects and values friends, panics in scar situations, compassionate, female
    2. Sam: smart, funny, tolerant, handsome, sometimes insensitive and immature, male
    3. Alondra: smart, gorgeous, attractive, female
    4. Angelica: smart, gorgeous, attractive, sometimes evil, female

The Lonely One Script.docx


Kevin's Life Sample Script.pdf