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About Us 

Why the Name

The name 91 Bathroom TV is based on three words; 91, Bathroom, and TV. TV is what the original company was founded for. 91 or the 91 freeway that runs through Los Angeles is the area where we imagined we would broadcast our media. Bathroom or the shower is where we came up with the idea.


What We Do Best

91 Bathroom TV is a company that provide products, services, shows, and movies.



To upheld our traditional selves while embracing and moving forward in our modernism.


Company Overview​

91 Bathroom TV is a company that strives to entertain people with its interactive, immersive and entertaining shows and movies, provide outstanding, popular, and inexpensive products and reliable services to the people who need them. 

Company Description

91 Bathroom TV is a company that carries Services like TV, Internet, Radio, and Home Phone for a low price of $5.00 a month and Tech Support called TechHelp that is available by type of service. These are the best services around. We also broadcasts entertaining shows for you to watch like KLMFL, ACVG, TechNow, The Waterfall Project. We provide a wide range of Products that you could buy that would satisfy all your needs like for example; interesting books and high-quality electronics. Donating money to 91 Bathroom TV is appreciated so we can continue to progress into the future. Becoming a member of 91 Bathroom TV will get you benefits, discounts, and low cost offers on 91 Bathroom TV services and products. Becoming an employee of this company will let you enjoy your work and earn money fast. Becoming a customer of the company will get you 91 Bathroom TV products and s​ervices.


Customer and Employees Testimonials​

“​This company has proven to be very faithful to me. I have trust in this company and I recommend them to anybody.” - Trevor Wilson


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